TalkEye Lite

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Operating Environment

Detecting Method                           Analysis with pupil's picture
Detecting Form                               Single eye (left/right) detection with goggle type
Luminescent Wavelength               850nm
Detecting Range                             Horizontal ±25°, upward 20°, downward 40°
Detecting Resolution                      0.1° (≦±20°), 0.5° (all zone)
Detecting Error                               Under 1° (≦±20°), under 2° (≦±40°), under 3° (all zone)
Sampling Rate                                30Hz
Camera Angle Adjustment             Eye: Unable       Field of Vision: up & down
Usage of Glasses                            Possible
Dimensions/Weight                        CCU: Approx. 67(W)×38(D)×67(H)mm / Approx. 70g
                                                        Detector: Approx. 90(W)×200(D)×90(H)mm / Approx.70g
Power Resource                              Supplied by PC
Cable Length                                  Approx. 3m (Between CCU and PC, Option: Max to 20m)
OS                                                   Windows 7
Usage Interface                              Above USB2.0×2
Destination of video saving            HDD
Form of video saving                      MJPEG (.AVI)
Form of data saving                       TEXT (.CSV)
Maximum memory capacity           200,000 (110mins at 30Hz)