Takei Scientific Instruments Co.,Ltd./The manufacture and sales of instruments for psychology experiments, aptitude testing,
physical fitness measurement, and physical training.

Takei Scientific Instruments Co.,Ltd.
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Company Profile
1927 Incorporation of Takei Manufacturing Corporation with headquarters at Shinagawa-Ku,Tokyo. launch of manufacture of psychological equipment.
1944 Company plant relocated to Nakakanbara-Gun, Niigata.
1948 Establishment of Tokyo branch.
1950 "VOCATIONAL APTITUDE TESTER" was developed, cooperating with The Ministry of Labor, for the first time in Japan.
1952 Establishment of Takei Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd. taking over Takei Manufacturing Corporation.
1953 Polygraph was adopted as a specified product of The National Police Agency.
1955 The Japan Psychological Association and The Japan Association of Applied Psychology recommended psychological experiment equipment of TAKEI.
1958 Started the sales of "YG PERSONALITY TEST PAPER" standardized by professor Yagiand Professor Tsujioka based on professor Gilford’s character table.
1962 Automobile aptitude testers were developed.
1966 Japan Traffic Safety Association and Japan Truck Association Recommended Automobile Aptitude Testers of TAKEI.
1977 Physical Fitness Test System with PC was developed.
1981 Increase of capital to JPyen70,000,000.
1987 "CRT DRIVING APTITUDE TESTER" was developed, cooperating with The National Police Agency.
1988 "21 Series" Aero fitness machines were developed.
1989 "NEW ROAD 21" and "ROWING 21" were selected as Good Design Award by The Ministry of International Trade and Industry."TALK EYE" (eyeball movement analyzing system) was developed, cooperating with Japan Broadcasting Corporation. A bicycle elgometer for medical research, "HEALTH GUARD ACTIVE 10" was developed.
1990 A vocational aptitude tester with PC, "ME MACHINE WORK SAMPLE" was developed,cooperating with The Ministry of Labor.
1993 "WELLNESS 1993", the social athletics catalog was selected as the Gold Prize by Industrial Advertising Association Japan.
1994 Machines for measuring and training, "KICK FORCE" and "CHEST FORCE" were developed.
1995 M&D Laboratory Building completed.
1998 "CG400", a tester for driving license renewal of aged was developed and adopted as a specified product of The National Police Agency.
1999 "FREE VIEW", a system of no contact type eyeball moving detection of image data processing was developed.
2001 A motorcycle attachment for driving aptitude tester "CG400" was developed and adopted as a specified product of The National Police Agency.
2003 "FAS TYPE-WS", weight training machines for aged were developed.
2004 A portable eyeball moving detection system "TALK EYE II" was developed.
2007 "KEMPO-KUN", a leg exercise machine for aged was developed.